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Mission Trips 

Most of the trips are through Chiromissions. It was founded by Dr. Peter Morgan, DC and they have served more than 100+ trips around the world, Haiti being one of the mission special focus. The organization founded a birthing center and orphanage this past years and what they are doing is incredible. 1 in every 80 women in Haiti die during birth, this will help create better conditions for women to have a place to give birth with the proper equipment, electricity, clean water and assistance. The kids are getting educated, learning English and online classes. During the mission trips they have special presentations that include music instruments, dancing, acting and lots of hugs.   

Some pictures from "Dr. O" trips


VA Veteran Resources 

Mental Health 
Crisis Line/ Support

Veterans and first responders. Thank you for your service. We are here to support you. If you are in pain, feel alone, need to talk or need guidance on your journey don't hesitate to call our office. You are important to us and we will do everything in our hands to find what you need. You give your 100% for this nation, we are going to give our 100% for you. 

We are part of the VA community service (VACCN) ask your PCP at the VA to see if you qualify for a Chiropractic Referral 

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